Doing Good

I’m a huge fan of charitable works. I’d love to have been Mother Teresa if I could…except for the whole being a nun thing. I really like my husband and son and would have hated missing out on that! (And let’s not even go into my whole shoe and purse obsession, neither of those I’m sure would help with my nunley duties.)


Three years ago, my company’s Core Values were a huge part of why I decided to work for Steadfast.

  • Proceed with Integrity (I like where they’re going with this)
  • Value People (Excellent I’m a person and I LOVE being valued)
  • Embrace Opportunities (Tell me more…)
  • Pursue Excellence (Totally in my wheelhouse)
  • Do Good as We Do Well (YESSSSS)


Are you kidding me? Each of these on their own as a company’s core value is pretty great, but all together? I’m in! This last one though, Do Good as We Do Well, is what I want to talk about today.


At our annual holiday party, our company unveiled our new VTO opportunity. Volunteer Time Off. Not content to just put Do Good as We Do Well on our business cards, stationery and website, they put their money where their mouth is. Starting January, 2017, in addition to our holidays and our regular PTO, every employee is being given two days of VTO a year to do volunteer work. EVERY. EMPLOYEE. Anyone who wants gets two days to go out and do good.


Obviously, there are some rules. You can’t use a day of the VTO to take your son’s Little League to Chuck-E-Cheese for lunch to celebrate the season. Though seriously, Chuck-E-Cheese? Fifteen kids? Please send me to Calcutta with ugly shoes and no purse all day every day rather than that! But I’m digressing.


We have a lot of properties. We have a lot of staff at these properties. We have a lot of support staff at the corporate office. We also have malls, resorts and other interests with staff. That’s a lot of people taking a lot of time off to do a lot of good.


We’re constantly being bombarded by all the ugliness in the world and I am speechless (well, anyone who knows me knows speechless isn’t really a thing I do) to see any company, but even better MY company making this possible. I am overwhelmed with the heart for giving our Executive Team has by making this available. And I’m so excited to see what our associates do this year.


I can’t wait to Do Good as I Do Well in 2017!


To learn more about our charitable works visit

Hands holding pink ribbon


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