The Three Ps of Amazing Customer Service

I was recently in Miami staying at the Fountainbleu Hotel for a conference. Located in the heart of Millionaire’s Row, the hotel is smack dab in the middle of a spit of land with the Atlantic ocean on one side and the bay on the other. The room was gorgeous, and I spent quality time on the private balcony enjoying the views of both bay and ocean.


Accommodations aside, what really impressed me was how The Fontainbleau seemed aggressively involved in the customer journey and experience. They crushed it in the three Ps; Place, People and Post-Experience.


The Place. The instant you walk in the experience begins. In the air throughout the hotel is the faint (but definitely perceptible) scent of flowers and, strangely, what seems to be suntan lotion. They use ScentAir products and have a signature Fountainbleu scent. The smell evokes the beach and reminds you that you should be out there soaking up the sun. I’m using my imagination about the sun part as it was raining with thunder storms and extremely hot and humid.


The People. Every single person was exceptionally customer-focused. From the porter to the shop clerks to the concierge, my every need was anticipated and handled.


The Post Experience. I reviewed the hotel on Facebook and within two hours, I had received a personal thank you and they asked me about any special memories of my stay. From start to finish, it was extraordinary.


Wouldn’t it be great if everywhere we went, we were surrounded by such amazing customer service? There you could be, at the DMV with customer-oriented employees, enjoying their signature scent evoking something fun and relaxing (as opposed to other scent that typically permeates your local DMV and evokes frustration, anxiety and slight body odor). Not to mention, the how did we do email or text that comes after your visit and lets you know they really care. Wouldn’t that be amazing!


As multifamily professionals, it’s very important for us to give each and every resident a great experience. Ask yourself, what am I doing to give my residents an amazing environment? Am I creating the customer journey I want for my them? Am I nailing it with the three Ps?


How does your community look? Smell? Are you welcoming? Are you standing up and greeting people, asking their names, smiling on the phone? Are you sending out surveys, emails or thank you cards?


If the answer any of these is no, it’s time to reevaluate how you can fix one, or all of these Ps. It doesn’t cost a ton of money and the rewards you reap are more than worth any nominal costs you encounter.


So go out there, make the Place amazing, be the People who enrich our residents’ lives and show you care afterwards, with the Post Experience.

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